Ondrea Barbe Beauty and Portrait Photographer. Ondrea was born in Santa Cruz, California. After spending 7 years in France, where she found her passion for photography, she moved to New York City where she now lives and works.
Clients include L’oreal, Garnier, Olay, Clinique, Aussi, Bobbi Brown, Target, Aveeno, Jane Iredale, and Pantene. Her celebrity clients include Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, Rita Ora, Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sally Field to name a few.
“The celebration of making feelings visual, showing the moments right before or right after the intention. Everybody has something special, beautiful and unique. Something that sparkles, tickles, evokes and remains. Our physical differences diminish when you see a feeling that you know. This is why I take pictures.”
“Ondrea is the first photographer I have worked with who not only understood the story we were trying to tell with photography but helped us evolve and embellish it. From our initial meeting to the casting to the set to the direction she gave the talent at the shoot. She not only captured what we had in mind but added another level of ideas that were exactly on target with our vision. The shoot itself was an evolution rather than a means to an end. As she had a new idea she captured it and her energy and excitement was infectious.”
“It is a complete creative collaboration when working with Ondrea. Her upbeat energy and automatic ease and connection with the models elicits amazing “in the moment” photos. She is a delight to work with.”
“Ondrea has an infectious personality that immediately lights up the room. She has the ability to put models, crew and clients at ease and makes even the most difficult shot seem effortless. I always look forward to working with Ondrea because I know the shoot will go smoothly, the day will be fun and the results fabulous!”
“If you want an image that captures truly genuine emotion, hire Ondrea immediately. Her ability to form an immediate bond with not only the models but her clients and everyone on set creates the ideal environment for creative magic to happen.”
“Ondrea? Enthusiastic. Kind. Generous. Absolutely focused on the craft of lighting, so that whomever she shoots is even more beautiful. She lights for the spirit of the person… their beautiful energy is revealed through her lens.”
“Ondrea Barbe is one of my most favorite photographers to work with. Ondrea impressed me from the very first pre-pro meeting with her. She takes the time to fully understand a client’s brand and the agency’s creative vision. Ondrea is able to articulate her own vision and reassure clients that she is in sync with their needs. On set Ondrea is open, friendly and soothing… the words “pressure” or “stress” do not exist. Ondrea creates a comfortable atmosphere that makes both talent and clients feel so relaxed. The result: she captures amazing imagery.”
“Ondrea has this lightness to her that is hard to describe. Her photos are happy and beautiful, and skin always looks perfect. The lighting is always right. And beyond her work, Ondrea as a person is an incredible woman. She makes everyone she works with and photographs look and feel amazing.”
“Ondrea is supremely talented, a tireless perfectionist and the perfect partner in creating beautiful images for our clients. She is simply a joy to work with.”